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Painted wood panels seem to be springing up across homes in Great Britain since the start of the year, and you’re probably reading this post because you’ve bought (or are about to buy) your wood panels and need some advice on how to paint them yourself. Threat not! In this short blog post we’re going to guide you with some top tips and tricks for painting your wood panelling.

Before You Start

  • Decide whether you definitely want to paint your wooden panels. Whilst the majority tend to opt for painting their wooden panels (as seen on everyone’s Instagram feed in the last year!) there might be occasions when it’s better to leave the panels unpainted, for example if your panels are higher-quality solid wood. Once you start there’s no going back, so make sure you’ve made your mind up.
  • Figure out how much paint you need. The quickest and easiest way to do this is using our paint calculator, simply measure the length and width of your panelling and insert it in the calculator.

Preparing the Panelling

  • Clean your panelling. For this all you really need is a damp cloth, wipe away all the dust and dirt to make sure your wooden panels are ready to paint. You want to make sure the surface is clean to avoid any clumps of dried dirt showing up once you’ve painted the panels.
  • Sand your panels, seal, fill and prime the wood. It’s important to make sure your wood is properly primed before applying the topcoat, so that it adheres properly to the panels. You can check out our quick video tutorial to find out how to use wood primer. We recommend using our Sealer Filler Wood Primer to ensure a quality finish.

Painting the Panelling

  • Apply your 1st coat of paint. Once the primer has fully dried, you can start applying your topcoat. Make sure you’re not too heavy with this coat, you just want to cover the surface. Watch out for any escapee drips of paint and handle those quickly before the paint dries!
  • Apply your 2nd coat of paint. Whilst it might be tempting to tick painting your wooden panels off the list after the first coat, it’s worth giving it a second lick of paint to ensure durability in the long run.

Now tell us! What colour would you want to paint your wood panels? Explore all 136 colours in our range for wooden furniture, or if you have a shade in mind from a different range, enquire with our team about our colour matching service.

How to paint wood panelling