Thu 17 Nov 2022, 15:43


Around this time each year, the Internet is filled with articles about the colours of the year. Green was the colour of choice for most households in the UK this year, complemented by vibrant shades, warm neutrals and glossy woodwork. 2023 will be seeing green sticking around for sure, but what new tones will we be seeing?

The answer: reds (well, kind of). Here’s a selection of five paint shades we predict will be at the forefront of UK interior design in 2023.

1. Wells in the Field

This delicate light pink is an extension of the warm neutrals we saw a lot of in the last year, with a tinge of red pigment. Wells in the Field is a gorgeous light paint colour that will add a touch of personality to a space without being overwhelming.

light pink paint colour

2. Shalden

Shalden is a light pastel colour, a salmon paint tone. It works great at adding a sophisticated touch of colour to an interior space. It will work great in more historic rustic buildings as well as in modern clean spaces.

salmon paint colour

3. Sleaford

Sleaford is a gorgeous dusty pink tone. Use it in a room which gets a lot of natural light to see it in its full effect. It’s a sophisticated shade of pink, a great alternative to Wells in the Field for a more mature choice.

dark pink paint colour

4. Silchester

Silchester is a trendy blend of orange and red. Some may describe it as a ‘brick’ paint shade. This choice would work perfectly as a feature wall, for wooden trims or for a statement piece such as a painted archway.

brick paint colour

5. Melchet

Melchet is the final paint colour in our list of predictions. This dusty red shade is definitely a statement piece!

dusty red paint colour

You can order a free colour swatch for any of these shades on our site to try out yourself in 2023. Think we missed a colour? What do you think the popular shades will be in 2023? Let us know on any of our socials!