Request A Colour Chart

At Avko Interior we offer a variety of ways to help you choose the right paint colour for the job.

We are home to the Hampshire Heritage Collection which houses 136 unique colours inspired by Hampshire. 

We also have a collection of colour charts available for our Feature Wall paint ranges which show off the unique finishes available; Setteveli, Sharazade and Madreperla. Sharazade comes in the standard colour range as well as the Lux range which boasts a collection of golds, coppers and bronzes. Each range comes in its own individual colour palette.

For a glimpse of the textured finishes we offer order a free of charge ‘textured paint teaser’ brochure. This brochure includes painted chips of our textured paints Sharazade and Madreperla to demonstrate the finish. Please note, this chart does not show the extensive colour range of each collection. To see the full colour range of each finish, please order the relevant brochure.