Mon 04 Oct 2021, 15:07


With 71% of employees being certain that remote work is here to stay, we can all agree that the importance of having a workspace we enjoy being in at home is vital to having a productive work day. It doesn’t matter what you exactly do in your home office, whether it’s work, studying or where you escape to have some alone time, the atmosphere you create will dictate how productive you are. So, if you are going to continue spending more time in your home office in 2022, here’s a few suggestions on what you can do to make the space your own.

All of these ideas are quick and easy 'lunch time projects' that can have a major impact on how you then feel in your workspace.


  1. Upcycle Your Desk (Short DIY Project)


Having a good desk is a vital component of any home workspace, a fun and quirky way to change up your workspace atmosphere is to upcycle your wooden desk. It doesn’t need much more than a lick of paint to do the job. Whether you want to go for a more neutral shade or go all out with colour to get those creative juices flowing, that’s up to you.

You can even upcycle your desk during your ‘lunch break’ (although you might need to work from the sofa for the rest of the afternoon whilst it dries). This is also a great idea to improve your workspace if you’re renting and can’t paint the walls!

You can check out our short video tutorial for a how-to on painting wooden furniture.

2. Add a feature wall

A feature wall is a great way to experiment with your space and give it some character. It’s also pretty easy to change from year-to-year if you decide you want something a little different. You can go for a bold colour to give the room a little flare (but we would encourage you to stay away from darker colours in a home office to not kill the creative juices)!

You can also make your space unique by using a metallic feature wall paint, which will give your wall a textured finish that will pop out on those Instagram stories! We have a few video tutorials on how to apply metallic feature wall paints, as well as three unique collections of paints that will go wonderfully in your home office, these are called Setteveli, Sharazade and Madreperla.

Want to go DIY? Check out our video tutorial page.

You also don't have to paint the whole wall - perhaps an archway would be enough?! We've shared some insta-worthy inspo below!

3. Be careful of what colours you choose for your workspace!

We’ve already mentioned to stay away from using dark colours for your home office (especially if you only have limited space). Whilst bright quirky colours can be good, they can also be distracting so be careful not to overload your space with these (if anything, perhaps use them as an accent!) recommends using the following colours in order to create a well-balanced and productive home workspace

  • beige – both dark and light;
  • desert brown;
  • sage green;
  • dusty rose;
  • smoky white;
  • gray-blue.


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