Mon 14 Dec 2020, 22:29


It can be daunting getting ready to paint that wall so here are a few simple steps from us at Avko Interior to help along the way.

1) Sampling

Once you have an idea about what colour palette you like gather some samples. Try both on the wall, and a piece of sturdy cardboard or wood to see how the shade changes in different rooms and lights. You can buy our sample paints on our website in 100ml pots.

2) Choosing the right tools

We recommend using quality rollers, we personally always use ones from Two Fussy Blokes.

Use brushes that aren’t too big with quality fibres to make sure they don’t come loose in your new finish.

3) Protecting your floor and furniture

You can use old sheets, or plastic sheeting which is available from all good DIY shops.

Move out what furniture you can to give you more space for moving around the room while decorating and to keep those pieces safe from any damage or dust.

4) Preparing your wall

Depending on what condition your wall is it’s best to make sure your surface is clean and free from dust. Firstly, fill in any holes or deep gauges in the surface to make it as neat as possible. If you need to sand down first use a course paper using a sanding tool, unsure you wear safety glasses and a light mask to ensure you stay safe from any dust.

If your wall is freshly plastered, before heading straight for it with your colour we recommend using a mixture of 50% water and 50% white emulsion and painting onto the surface first. Allow to fully dry out.

5) Taping off clean areas

Use quality masking tape along skirts, door frames and switches. If painting geometric shapes or lines use a laser level to ensure the best results. For good quality masking tape head over to Tesa UK (we always use their tape for our projects!)

Paint samples and masking tape
Ready to get started? Order your samples here or if you still have some questions bouncing around your head, get in contact with our team.