How Much To Order Avko Interior

There is nothing worse than running out of paint when you are in the middle of painting a room. To be able to calculate the amount of paint you will need for your project you will need to know the surface area of your room. It is important that you subtract the window and door areas from this surface area. Our paint calculator will help you work out the minimum amount of paint you will need for your project. Not only will you have enough paint for the job but also you won’t be left with unused paint. You will also save money by buying just the amount you need for your project.


Our simple and handy calculator below lets you enter either the m2 measurement of your room or if you don’t know the area you wish to cover in m2 then you can enter the overall length and height of the room you are painting. Our calculator will then give you the amount of paint you will need in litres for 2 coats of paint.