Thu 22 Aug 2019, 14:04


Avko Interior Luxury Paint was born in Hamble-Le-Rice, the small fishing village in Hampshire famous for its boating, aerospace & RAF heritage, and of course its bright pink ferry that transports foot passengers across to Warsash its over the river Hamble neighbour and it has been since 1493

As the Creative Designer at Avko Interior I have not only worked here for 10 years, I was lucky enough to live here for nearly 2 years and enjoyed the village community life. Some of the employees in the Avko family live here too.

So what better place to find colourful inspiration than in the Village itself? You start to see how the colours surround you and you can find it all around. Perhaps where you live there is inspiration right on your doorsteps. Even in the urban environments, which are sometimes even more interesting.

What I found in Hamble

My favourite pink ferry. Like our colour Setley Plain, it’s vibrant and warm, you won’t miss this gorgeous pink, plain this colour certainly isn’t. It looks amazing with pastels and botanicals. Dark wood really compliments this colour, along with Silver and Grey. Something to bear in mind when going for this.

Weathered Wood and Rusted Metal.

It’s like nature takes what we do and makes it her own. Rusting metal covered with paint and wearing wood down to reveal its natural texture. The orange of the rust against that funky “Fishbourne” blue is what grabs me the most. Orange and Blue is one of my favourite combinations which was popular for 2018 and is coming back for 2020 with a more pop art, urban feel.

Grey is the new magnolia, which is great as we needed something new, and I absolutely love grey, in particular the slates with a hint of lilac and the sandstone greys. The cobbles are a wonderful mixture of stone shades.